Ready to use bots


Bill of Entry [BOE] Automation

Shipping Bill Automation


KYC Process Automation

Data extraction from bank statements & financial documents

Tax tech

Generation of form 15 CA/CB[Remittance]

Determine e-Invoice status


Automated Upload of General Ledger Entries

Sales Order Automation


Automate Offer letter generation

Resume Parser

With complex and disconnected systems, a connected ecosystem of intelligent systems powering seamless integration through RPA Bots is the need of the hour.

Ready to deploy bots gives a kick start to our clients to get started on the automation journey. With this, businesses can identify processes that can be automated with the help of ready-to-deploy bots across various job functions. This reduces overall cost of automation deployment including license management, implementation, and maintenance cost.

Organizations face challenges in

Traditional accounting systems and heterogeneous data sources having multiple instances

Handling indirect taxes for the huge volume of transactions

The ERP system restricts the retrieval of line-level data, complicating the generation of audit files

Validating and verifying data as per the ever-changing government specified norms

Manual and time-consuming tasks leading to errors

No single source of truth

We enable our clients to adopt automation through our ready-to-configure bots.

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