To set up the extension for recording with TestingWhiz, you can refer the External Recorder Guide for the step by step process. Alternatively, you can refer to the video named “Installing extension for Recording with TestingWhiz” on our YouTube channel.

TestingWhiz is currently available for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista & XP.

Yes. You can do this either via clicking on checkbox available in the test editor or by using the test command available called “Capture Screen Shot”. To compare two file images/ URL, image, you can use the “Image” test command. See the “Image Comparison” sample script available in the tool for more information.

Yes, TestingWhiz supports Windows Authentication out of the box via ‘Enter Authentication’ command.

Yes, it is possible with TestingWhiz to verify the Business Logic of your Application by getting values of each cell in your grid and verifying it with the expected results. This can be done by extracting a value from a cell of the given grid and verifying it with the expected value via String & Compare commands supported by TestingWhiz.

Time-out errors can be handled in two ways with TestingWhiz via two test commands,

a. Wait for time: This command will wait for the given amount of time.

b. Wait for Element: This command will wait for the specified element until visible or enable.

Yes, there is a minimal setting inside the tool

Steps: Configurations>>Execution Window>>Pause test execution on failure.

Confirming this checkbox will pause where the execution failed, and will prompt you with the available objects to select and continue running the test script.

If objects are not found during recording than we can provide the element’s ID or Class name in an object column in TestingWhiz. We can get an ID or Class name of a particular object by right-clicking on that object and selecting Inspect Element.

Yes, we can automate captcha testing using TestingWhiz, but to achieve this developer will have to introduce latching code into the AUT so that we can get an appropriate response from the server to TestingWhiz and thus we can achieve this.

If you are good at coding, then TestingWhiz supports JavaScript out of the box via Execute JavaScript command. You can directly start coding inside the inbuilt JavaScript editor or if you want to upload any available JavaScript file then you can do that also.

Yes, we can read all the messages from the popup boxes, but only one at a time and then we can compare them with our predefined values and get the result in a pass or fail manner.

TestingWhiz requires admin privileges to run the tool might be the reason where it won’t allow you.

Follow simple step and assign admin privileges to open the tool.

Go to short-cut icon of the tool >> Right-click on it and click on “Properties” >> Windows dialogue box pop ups on the screen >> Go to Compatibility tab >> Check the box of “Run this program as an administrator” >> Click apply and Ok. Easily you can open the TestingWhiz tool.

TestingWhiz facilitates you to upgrade to the latest version of the tool from Auto Updates. Follow simple steps and upgrade TestingWhiz to the latest version. Click here to download upgrade mechanism.

Please refer these guideline documents: 1) For Android and 2) For iOS

This is because of browser and execution driver incompatibility issue. Please find below steps how this issue can be fixed:

  • Download latest 64-bit Geckodriver from E.g.
  • Extract the zip file and you will get geckodriver.exe.
  • Replace latest geckodriver.exe file in path C:\TestingWhiz Enterprise Edition\plugins\com.cygnet.autotest_6.0.0 (might vary slightly based on installation path and release, this path is valid for TestingWhiz version 6.0.0).
  • Now run job over Mozilla Firefox from Jenkins. It will work.

This error is related to certificate inaccessibility. Whenever Java attempts to connect to another application over SSL (e.g.: HTTPS, IMAPS, LDAPS), it will only be able to connect to that application if it can trust it. The way trust is handled in the Java world is that you have a keystore (typically $JAVA_HOME/lib/security/cacerts), also known as the truststore. This contains a list of all known Certificate Authority (CA) certificates, and Java will only trust certificates that are signed by one of those CAs or public certificates that exist within that keystore.

Click here to follow some basic instructions to fix this issue.

  • Set the BrowserStack preferences in TestingWhiz configuration (Settings->Configuration->Cloud Execution->BrowserStack)
  • Execute the BrowserStackLocal.exe(attached) for the command prompt with the following command:

Also, you can refer this key –> BrowserStackLocal.exe for your reference

  • Execute the Script over BrowserStack instance profile

With the help of your IT support team, you would be required to whitelist the following URL in your organization. If this doesn’t solve your problem, then please share error screenshot to our helpdesk ““.

Note: Please ensure TestingWhiz Installation Directory has complete Admin privileges

Please make sure you have the access of below URLs:

In case you have any query for browser updates please contact testing Whiz Support at ““.

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