Automate data extraction from auction bids

Use RPA bots for manufacturing to create standard purchase orders, extraction of data from auction bids that can help in generating contracts.

Check material availability in real-time

Use RPA for effective and quick reports on materials required for a product, its availability for production, and send notifications in case of shortage or any change in material.

Get real-time status of cargo within few clicks

Automate shipment tracking with RPA to get information like location and status from the logistic operators and passing it on to respective teams.

Accurate and quick estimation of freight cost with RPA

Use RPA to fetch the details from the railway freight website and distribute the details to relevant departments and people.

Automate inventory management with RPA Bots

Get real-time status of inventory and generate timely reports for the purchasing department to save cost, stock, and space.

Automate manual processes in logistics from PO receipt to delivery

Deploy RPA bots to check items from the warehouse, generate & validate delivery orders, and send acknowledgement mails to respective teams to fill details in ERP.

Invoice validation, reconciliation & processing in the import lifecycle

Deploy RPA bots to validate invoice details, reconcile the data of received invoices against the custom declaration data, and generate a report in the required format for filling details in ERP.

Streamline ERP processes

Enhance efficiency by deploying RPA bots for creating reports and sending them to necessary departments, processing invoices and checking payment status against agreements, and monitoring inventory.

Why AutomationWhiz?

Tax domain expertise

With an extensive suite of tax technology products and expertise in the tax domain, we understand tax processes deeply. With bots for E-Invoicing, Bill of Entry, 15CA/CB, e-Way Bill, Reverse Integration etc. We can provide end-to-end services for the indirect and direct tax domain automation.

SAP reliant bots

We have a dedicated SAP practice. We know the SAP landscape extensively and our experts can help understand and create bots offering the solutions basis the pain-points of customers. Automate processes related to SAP, be it extracting details, validating it with some other documents or feeding back details to SAP, get easily configurable SAP-based bots.

Manage end-to-end automation needs

  • Our goal is to provide you with a functioning RPA bot to ease your tedious, repeated tasks and free up time to do more high-level things. We are flexible in how you choose to do this – if you already have a subscription /license to an RPA platform or if you need help in choosing which platform is best for you.
  • One can opt for RPA services with the AutomationWhiz platform, which comprises some ready-to-deploy bots and a platform to create customizable bots. With this platform, any customized bot can be created to automate mundane tasks.
  • If you’re already using any other RPA platform, we can help you create bots using that platform

Initiate your Hyperautomation journey

With complex and disconnected systems, especially in sectors like tax compliance, a connected ecosystem is the need of the hour. An enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform with cognitive abilities powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) and a third-party integration will help you enable Hyperautomation journey.

Benefits of AutomationWhiz

Non-invasive in nature

Plug the process gaps without disrupting underlying systems


Performs tasks with accuracy and uniformity – much less prone to errors


Faster processing time compared to manual process approaches


Plug the process gaps without disrupting underlying systems

Reduced costs

Quick and efficient compared to FTE costs


Bots tirelessly work 24/7/365 without interruption

Audit trial

Fully maintained log essential for compliance


Identical processes and tasks reduce the output variation

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