Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

While traditional OCR & RPA automate repeatable tasks that involve processing highly structured data, Intelligent Document Processing takes it one step further by helping organizations automate data extraction from unstructured and different templatized documents. It then helps in creating templatized and insightful data with the help of AI & ML.

As per the forecast by International Data Corporation (IDC), the global data will exceed 175 zettabytes by 2025. The majority of this data is included in emails, PDFs, and scanned documents, – which is unconnected and needs to be digitized. Employing IDP will ensure the data is in a format where it can be easily ingested and used.

Here, IDP comes to your rescue to extract the relevant information from any type of document!

How does Intelligent Document Processing work?

Our intelligent document processing solution is based on cognitive automation that converts unstructured and semi-structured data into easily analyzable forms. IDP categorizes and extracts valuable information and validates it using AI features such as:

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Computer Vision

Deep Learning

Machine Learning

Optical Character Recognition

Benefits of Intelligent Document Processing

Faster and cost-efficient document processing

Zero human errors in the data processing

Freeing-up resources from repetitive manual tasks

Streamline business processes

Easy to use

No limitations with document type

Complete data security

Smarter efficiency with IDP bots

Where can you apply IDP in your business?

In-depth data analytics

Get detailed insights by extracting relevant information from a large number of documents.

Smart information extraction

Extract the relevant information from documents in different formats. The data is then saved, processed, and used by other app lications.

Smart reconciliation

Discover mismatches between two documents like invoices, contracts, purchase orders, and more.

Creating documents & reports

Automate the process of document creation by extracting data from different sources and creating in-depth reports using templates.

Document management & archiving

Save and organize a large amount of data for easy retrieval or archiving.

Decrypt hard-to-read content

Use Intelligent Character Recognition to identify the text elements that are hard to read.

Are you ready to embrace the future with IDP?

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